AI-Powered machine learning technology that Monitors, Predicts and Prevents Life Threatening Events

Blockchain is a specific form or subset of distributed ledger technologies, which constructs a chronological chain of blocks, hence the name ‘block-chain’. A block refers to a set of transactions that are bundled together and added to the chain at the same time.

Smart contracts are simply computer programs that execute predefined actions when certain conditions within the system are met. Smart contracts provide the language of transactions that allow the ledger state to be modified. Smart contract within the blockchain may allow automatic execution.

Consensus algorithms refers to a system of ensuring that parties agree to a certain state of the system as the true state. The majority of users changes, modifies and secures new state (meta-data analysis).

Proof of Change™ are building blocks of distributed ledger technologies by monitoring relational data systems in comparison to initial user ledger within the blockchain and initiating alert systems based on a consensus algorithm which aggregates data and initiates alerts powered by smart contracts. This data could replicate from server to server, and subsets of the data could be accessed and processed on patients, and then, synced back to the server. Moreover, Proof of Change™ is a blockchain-based smart contract algorithm used by SciX LLC in the development of their blockchain virtual machine platform designed to track data from multiple data collections and sequence alerts within a shared, universal distribution ledger.

SCI+™ (plus) is the SCIx system of protocols initiated within our permission-based platform SCIVM.

SCIVM™ is a secured, permission-based virtual platform used to secure registered user information and initiate multiple protocols within a network.

sciCHAIN™ is a universal, shared hyper ledger used in tracking patient data and proof of change smart contracts within the SCIx platform

SciRyng™ – First Responders
With our device application, we will introduce a new method of preventive care within the healthcare industry that can save the lives of individuals with various chronic illnesses by monitoring and responding to their care quicker and more efficiently than current methods in the market.


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