Scix+AI is a comprehensive machine learning service platform and API built on a government infrastructure that is designed to monitor patient data & deeply learn formulated predictors which influence executed outcomes used in Medical Science

Where AI machine learning disrupts medical science

Sci+AI™ is an AI-powered platform application developed to formulate larger collections of data and aggregate formulated outputs and commands for Medical Science, its existing operations, systems and devices.

Did You Know the Facts?

Imagine your medical device predicts a stroke
before it even happens


People Die of Heart Disease

2.8 million

Adults Suffer Heart Attacks


People Suffer a Stroke

First Response is all about automating protocols…

Through our SCI+AI™ system comprised of deep learning applications, we are able to automate the aggregation of data collections in real-time and increase the culmination of data received to execute on-time medical responses to patients. Patients would be within a secure machine learning platform where the data points would be able to run create custom data queries of biometrics and other predictors to execute desired commands for medical conditions based on medical history.


… and it’s all in the proof!

Proof of Change™ are building blocks of machine learning technologies used in monitoring relational data systems in comparison to initial baselines by aggregating formulated data that initiates alerts powered by AI algorithms. This data could replicate from server to server, and subsets of the data could be accessed and processed on patients, and then, synced back to the server.

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Invest in the best science-based technology combined with machine learning

SciX is different than the rest and we pride ourselves in the level of expertise, knowledge, and research our team represents. Join our passion for real medical solutions and our vision in using technology to save lives. Here are a few of our best qualities.

Our Visionaries


Selected by the National Institute of Health, we are passionate, diverse, world changers who strive to bring innovative solutions into medical science.

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Our team is comprised of highly-educated experts within multiple medical and technological fields of study .

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Our HIPAA complaint research & design in both medical science and technology extends into more than 250K hours and continues to expand in creating new solutions.

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Worldwide Coverage

We are a worldwide team of experts representing medical research in multiple areas of study in national & international demographics.

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Why invest in Sci+AI?

Sci+AI is a revolutionary new method of stacking data collections and formulating deep machine learning systems which increases existing medical devices, health systems and responsive alert systems with higher predictability, scalability and establish more thresholds of probable data outcomes.

In this funding round, we are offering tokenized crowdfunding investments of our technology and the future implementation of tokenized health solutions as part of our platform’s digital economy.

SciX reclaims value for AI in Medical Science


Cyber secure, monitored health data, aggregated masked data in real time, enable accuracy & increase security.

User Friendly

AI-powered data formulated from our system helps in early detection of health events & avoid hospitalizations.


All or nearly all elements or aspects of patient treatment & symptomology is compared to collective data resources.


Monitoring treatment of the whole person, taking into account multiple factors, rather than physical symptoms.

Life Changing

Improve coordinating care in real time between providers across settings that potentially better a patient’s health.

Decentralized ID

System protocols mask all patient data within secured, deep-learning networks compliant with HIPAA standards.